Corporate Giving at McCain Foods (Canada)



Be Good. Do Good.

Good people, making good food, with good, wholesome ingredients that make people feel good.

That is the philosophy behind McCain.  It is also the philosophy we have used to develop the following guidelines for Corporate Giving at McCain Foods (Canada).


Charitable Donations

McCain Foods contributes to worthy causes around the world, primarily handled by the regions.  Most of our charitable donations in Canada are made through The McCain Foundation, the company’s philanthropic arm. The McCain Foundation supports not-for-profit organizations throughout Canada, but focuses on the communities in which we operate. It has a particularly strong focus on charities in Atlantic Canada, where the company began more than 50 years ago and still maintains its deep New Brunswick roots.

The McCain Foundation accepts applications for funding that fall into one of the following five categories:  Education, Health and Welfare, Civic Projects, Arts and Culture and the Environment.  The Foundation has donated many millions of dollars to Atlantic-based universities and hospitals, recognizing the value of these institutions to their communities.

Requests for charitable donations should be directed to The McCain Foundation at [email protected] or to The McCain Foundation, 8800 Main St. Florenceville-Bristol, NB E7L 1B2.

The McCain Foundation will continue to play the central role in our corporate giving strategy by donating to broad community and arts projects, allowing McCain Foods (Canada) to focus on areas that are specifically aligned with our business strategies.


Food First

Because we are a food company, it makes sense that we should help feed the hungry.  Last year, almost 900,000 individuals turned to foods banks across the country every month and more than one-third of them were children.  We believe we have an opportunity to truly make a difference through financial contributions, product donations and employee volunteer efforts both at the national level and in the communities in which we live and work.

It is important that our efforts are meaningful and have a significant, positive impact.  Last year, we donated more than $1 million in cash and food to Food Banks Canada, a registered charity and national association representing 10 provincial members and more than 450 food banks and programs across Canada.  It is the voice for the hungry in Canada and the charity of choice for McCain Foods (Canada) as we focus our efforts to have a national impact on the hunger issue in Canada.

We also sponsor the annual National Hunger Awareness Day and are the founding sponsor of the Feeding Families program which provides money to food banks that wish to develop new or enhanced programs that directly impact families.


Community Giving

In addition to our commitment to help fight hunger, we also respond to the needs of their local communities as appropriate. All requests for product or financial donations (that fall outside of those appropriate for The McCain Foundation or business-related sponsorships) should be sent in writing to [email protected].  The requests should include full details of what is requested, for what purpose and the date required.  Donation requests will be considered four times a year—at the end of January, April, July and October.  To help ensure that our donations do the most good for the greatest number of people, we do not sponsor individuals in their fund-raising efforts.

To maximize efficiencies, donated products will only include what is made, packaged, or warehoused at each location and must be picked up by the recipient. We cannot ship product from other locations or deliver product to requesters. Packaging, ingredients, and co-manufactured products are not available for donation.

The work of The McCain Foundation, our focus on fighting hunger in Canada, and our support for the communities in which we live and work are all part of our commitment to the spirit of McCain. We are good people, doing good things, that make ourselves and others feel good.