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Deep`n Delicious Trifle

How do you top bites of McCain Deep’n Delicious Chocolate Cake mixed into creamy layers of chocolate and vanilla? With a decadent cookie crumble, of course!

Chef's Name:  Jessica Lawson


Preparation Time:
Cooking Time:
Servings: 8 Portions
Deep'n Delicious<sup>®</sup> Chocolate Cake

Product Used:

Deep'n Delicious® Chocolate Cake buy now


​​1 McCain Deep’n Delicious Cake

1 Package of Instant Chocolate Pudding

1 Package of Instant Vanilla Pudding

1 Litre of Whole Milk

1 Can of Mandarin Orange Segments

2 Crushed Chocolate & Vanilla cookies (Or your choice) for topping


  1. Make both flavors of instant pudding according to directions on package, let set in refrigerator (approx. 15 mins).
  2. Remove the Deep’n Delicious cake from container. Cut into cubes and place in the bottom of your serving vessels, reserving half of your cubes for a second layer.
  3. Add a layer of Mandarin orange segments to the top of your cake.
  4. Add a layer of vanilla pudding.
  5. ​Add a second layer of Deep’n Delicious Chocolate Cake cubes.
  6. Add a layer of your chocolate pudding, fill your vessel almost to the top.
  7. Crush cookies of your choice to be used as a crumble topping. Refrigerate or serve immediately.

Serve chilled in a family sized container or in individual serving glasses.​

Alternate Suggestions
Why not try a Chocolate banana trifle? Substitute with your favourite flavours of pudding and fruits. An awesome idea to involve your children in the kitchen, have them build their own trifle desert!