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Bringing smiles to Canadian tables with wholesome potatoes.​​


Our story

It all began with the McCain brothers. A family-run business from day one, stemming from generations of potato farming. Back in 1957 in Florenceville, New Brunswick, we had one goal in mind – bring wholesome food to our family’s tables. And as farmers, we worked tirelessly with local communities in support of environmental responsibility. Today we work with the best to ensure sustainable agriculture practices and food safety. Because good farming means a healthier environment and better food on your table.

Every step of the way, we’ve remained as proudly Canadian as we were on day one…
and McCain’s hometown of Florenceville is now the French Fry Capital of the World.

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It’s a story about goodness.

We’re a company passionate about making the highest quality potato products Canadians love. Growing top-tier, nutritious potatoes takes passion and care for the land. It takes good seed, good soil, good climate, and good agricultural practices, all coming together and making mouth-watering McCain potato products. That dedication to goodness has been at the heart of our mission for 60 years.

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It’s a story about simply delicious food.

We believe some of the warmest of joys are shared over food everyone loves. For 60 years we’ve been making food that brings smiles to the table, like Superfries®, potato Smiles and Deep ‘n Delicious® desserts. We believe good food starts with simple, wholesome ingredients. We are excited to keep doing w​hat we do, and keep bringing on the smiles for many years to come!