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Is McCain Foods a Canadian company?

Yes, McCain was started by the McCain brothers, in New Brunswick and is still proudly Canadian and family owned. A home grown Canadian success story, McCain now has 51 plants around the globe, and makes 1 in every 4 French fries world wide.

Product Information

Take a moment and learn about McCain foods, so when you share something good, you’ll know it’s made from real, wholesome ingredients.

I can't find McCain® frozen foods at my local grocery store. Can you please let me know where I can find these products?

We are pleased to offer you to visit our “Where to Buy” option at for store names and locations of your favorite McCain products. Our McCain® products are available at most grocery store chains.

If they are not available at your local grocery store, please speak with the store manager and share your desire to have our products made available.

Are the mono and diglycerides in your products from an animal or vegetable source?

The Mono and diglycerides in our desserts are vegetable soy based fats. We use them to ensure that the products have a consistent texture, and prevent it from separating, to ensure that you get the same great taste every time.

​What is your policy on allergen declaration?

In accordance with Food Labelling regulations, all recognized allergens can be found on the package in the list of ingredients and sometimes in a “contains” statement following the list of ingredients. We always recommend that consumers read the ingredient declaration because if our recipe has changed, this is where it would be noted. Some of our facilities produce products that contain allergens and others do not. Where allergens are used, we have developed and maintain practices that meet or exceed regulatory requirements to identify and control allergens within our facilities. However, due to the additional certification and control measures we feel would be required to state with certainty that our products are allergen free, we do not currently make that claim.

​Do you use GMO free potatoes?

We do not use genetically modified potatoes in any of our products.

​Do you use GMO free ingredients?

At McCain Foods (Canada), we do not specifically source genetically modified (GMO) ingredients. However, we cannot guarantee that ingredients such as oils and flours are GMO free, since it is very difficult to procure non-GMO soybean and corn products. View our corporate statement on GMO ingredents here:

If I have a problem with a McCain® product, should I return it to the store?

​That is one option. If the store is unable to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, we’d be happy to work with you to see what can be done.  Our Consumer Affairs department can assist you by telephone, email, or letter.  Click here to contact us.

Where can I find more information on the ingredients you have in your products?

On our website, we have our ingredient list for every one of our products. If you have a question, please reach out to our Consumer Affairs team by clicking here. We always recommend you check the actual label of the product you may consume in case our recipes may have changed.

​What are the natural flavours you use in your products?

We use natural flavours to give complexity and depth to our products. Depending on the product, flavours such as natural bacon, smoke, chicken, beef, vegetable, maple, lemon and rosemary could be used - on their own, or in combination. To find out more about the natural flavours in certain products, please search our products page.

What are the natural colours you use in your potato products?

McCain uses a blend of caramel (derived from corn) and annatto for natural colour in our potato products. We use caramel and annatto to ensure a consistent golden brown colour to your potato products.

Caramel is the most widely used natural colour in the food & beverage industry. It is obtained from the heating and browning of sugars. Annatto has been used as a natural colour since ancient times. It is a natural golden yellow colour obtained from the seeds of the Bixa Orellana tree.

If your products are with simple ingredients like those I would find in my kitchen, does this mean they don't last as long in my freezer?

No - our products still have the same shelf life, meaning you can still keep them on hand in your freezer, for a quick easy meal that you can feel good about serving.

​Do you use real potatoes in your products? 

​Yes. Our recipe is simple: Good food starts with real ingredients.
* Specialty selected potatoes
* No artificial colours or flavours
* No hydrogenated oils

Are any of your products gluten free?

At McCain, in accordance with food labeling regulations, if gluten/wheat is in one of our products it will be in the list of ingredients on the package. We always recommend that consumers read the ingredient declaration because if our recipe has changed, this is where it would be noted.

McCain produces many different types of french fries and potato products. Some have a coating that contains gluten/wheat and others do not. While they may be made in the same plant, and even possibly on the same line, we have controls and manufacturing practices in place that require allergen cleanups between the production runs which include changing the oil used in the frying process.

Do your Deep ‘n Delicious cakes contain nuts?

We do not use any ingredients in our products that contain peanuts and/or nuts. However, whenever this question comes up, McCain Food Safety cautions to tell consumers that our facilities are NOT considered peanut and/or nut free. There is no eating allowed in the food production areas, but we do not forbid our employees from bringing in allergens for their own consumption in the staff cafeteria.

Please be aware that product formulations periodically change. To ensure they have the most to update information about a product and can make an informed choice we encourage consumers to read the ingredient statement every time they purchase a McCain product.

Are there any preservatives added to your 9 minute quick cook products?

McCain quick cook french fry (and potato patty) cooking times are reduced, because our French Fry makers spent a little more time preparing in our kitchen, so that you can have more time to spend with family or friends in yours.  Rest assured, no additional ingredients have been added, simple ingredients, simply prepared.

“Made in USA” labeling

McCain is a proudly Canadian, family owned company and with few exceptions, McCain potato products are made from local potatoes grown on farms close to our facilities, which are spread across Canada in Manitoba, Alberta and New Brunswick. In some cases, however, specialty products like the lattice cut fries [insert McCain product name exactly], are made in US facilities and sold in Canada.

​Product Handling, Storage & Preparation

We take safety seriously and we encourage you to do the same – if you're not sure just ask!

My McCain® frozen food product was left out of the freezer and has thawed, can I still use it?

This depends on what product you are using. Our desserts can be thawed in the refrigerator (as per package directions) before you eat or serve them. If you are using a potato product or Pizza Pockets® we recommend that you discard the product if it has thawed.

​Can I keep my McCain® frozen food product in the refrigerator?

No. For food safety reasons, you should not use frozen food products if they have thawed. To prevent food-borne illness, we recommend that you discard frozen pizza, potato or Pizza Pockets® food products that have thawed. Our desserts can be thawed in the refrigerator (as per package directions) before you eat or serve them.

Are your potatoes pre-cooked?

No. Our potato products undergo a partial heat treatment to attain the desired finished product quality (e.g. Texture, colour), Some are blanched in water and some are both blanched in water and par-fried. All of our products require additional cooking prior to eating; they are not considered Ready to Eat

Are McCain® potato products fried?

Some of our products are par fried in vegetable oil. Par-frying is a hot, fast, frying method, where a product is fried very briefly for 30 to 60 seconds. All of our potato products require additional cooking prior to eating.

How do I read the Best Before Date/Expiry Date on your McCain Products?

The format of the Best Before Date is as follows: BB/MA YYMMDD XXXXXX

BB = Best Before
MA = Meilleur Avant (French translation)
YY = Year
MM = Month
DD = Day

For example, if your package reads, "BB/MA YYMMDD 201004", the Best Before date is October, 04, 2020. Or "BB/MA YYMMDD 210530", the Best Before date is May 30, 2021.


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Can you send me coupons?

We are always working hard to provide you with the best possible value – but unfortunately, we do not distribute coupons upon request.


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How can I find out about employment opportunities with McCain?

We’re always looking for great people, who share our passion for real food and how it brings people together to join our team. Click here to get started or follow us on LinkedIn for the latest career updates.


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Where is McCain Foods Head Office?

We actually have two head offices. One is in Florenceville-Bristol, NB, where McCain Foods originated from and the other is in Toronto.

Who invented French fries and when?

No one is really sure about the origin of French fries. They became popular in France by the late 1800s, and there are also claims that they really originated in Belgium. American soldiers were introduced to them by French-speaking Belgians when they fought in Europe during World War I - and called them "French fries." It is even said that Thomas Jefferson served "potatoes fried in the French manner" in the White House in the early 1800s. The British, of course, call French fries "chips" and England is the land of "fish and chips".

I wish to suggest a business proposal to you. How do I go about doing that?

Thank you, but we but we do not accept business proposals.

Charity donations

Please visit our “Corporate Giving at McCain Foods (Canada)” at the following link to learn more about the three types of support we offer. You can send your request to the following email address [email protected] for review; if there is an interest someone will contact you.

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