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What’s a MODIFRY?

​Hey friends, we've come up with the best invention since Poutine. It's quick, easy, delicious and going to bring endless smiles to your table. McCain introduces MODIFRIESTM. What's a MODIFRYTM, you ask?


  1. A delicious McCain recipe made from Superfries® and three household ingredients or less.
  2. A flavourful, light and fresh twist on fries commonly shared with family and friends.
  3. The endless possibilities of fries: sweet, salty, savoury or even spicy depending on one's mood. 

No matter what the occasion, every MODIFRYTM will follow a similar prep. For example, shake things up on ladies night with our Cheese & Chive MODIFRYTM!


Step 1: Bake
McCain Superfries® Straight Cut

Step 2: Toss
Cheese and chives in a bowl

Step 3: Enjoy!
Serve for friends and family


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It's not rocket science – anyone can do it! Now go raid your kitchen and see what you come up with.

We're on the search for the best new MODIFRYTM!

Is your masterpiece sweet, savoury or spicy? Create your own, share it with the hashtag #MODIFRYTM and who knows what fun will arrive at the table!

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