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What’s All Good About December?

December is the most wonderful time of the year for some of us who are holiday enthusiasts!

Here at the All Good Blog we know all our reasons for thinking December is swell, but we wanted to know what you thought as well. We reached out to our Twitter and Facebook friends to ask: What’s the thing you LOVE about December? Here are some of the great replies:

“I love the excitement in the air.” – Rosealie M 

“Walking late at night with big fluffy snow falling” – Cindy C

“I have a soft spot for ugly sweaters!” – Laura M

Photo by Karri Huhtanen
Photo by Karri Huhtanen

“Funny enough I love that the days are shorter and the little one doesn’t say ‘but it’s not dark out yet!’ when it’s bedtime” – Shayna M

“The warmth of people helping each other. Also the food and overall feeling of belonging.” – Barbara S

“Having loved ones home for the holidays, family dinners and the excitement on the faces of little kids.” – Linda K

“Love how the snow sticks to the trees. Very beautiful!” – Tamra N

Photo by Robert Murphy
Photo by Robert Murphy

“Seeing everyone get into the holiday spirit. The lights on peoples’ houses and the snow sparkling at night.” – Natasha V

“I love that people are reminded to be more charitable and give back.” –Monica N

“I love comfort foods in the cold winter.” – Lynda T

Deep 'n Delicious Strawberry Rhubarb fruit pie
Deep ‘n Delicious Strawberry Rhubarb fruit pie

“December is one of the most exciting months of the year. New falling snow can stir the inner child like nothing else, and wintery scenery never gets old.” – Sheila P

“I love the Christmas spirit, the friendliness, the fresh blanket of snow, wearing sweaters and sitting by the fire, watching my dog leap joyfully through the snow, and watching my 3-year-old son’s eyes light up when he sees snow falling.” – Sarah M

So readers, we’re passing the torch to you! What’s your favourite thing about this fine month? Let us know in the comments!