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Things That Are Super: A Highly Opinionated List

Snacking on some delicious McCain Superfries, we got to thinking: super is a pretty darn hard-working word. It describes things that are awesome (that shirt is super!), or it boosts other descriptors to make them even more awesome (super cool!), and sometimes super even stands alone as a really great interjection (super!)! So, what else is super, besides super itself? Here are our picks:


1) Supernovas, or supernovae if we’re being technical. A supernova is better than a nova, obviously, because it’s a stellar explosion that gives off way more energy. And, they’re stellar! Not stellar as in synonym for super, but stellar as in star, which, is totally stellar as in super, which is cool


2) Superpowers. Do we even need to explain why superpowers are so super? People with superpowers are able to do some amazingly super things, like scale super tall buildings, use super-strength, super-speed, super-deductive reasoning… and a bunch of other amazing things that aren’t preceded by super!

Superhero kids! 

3) Kids in superhero get-ups. Again, this one is a no-brainer. Don’t you just instantly feel the world is a better place when you see a pint-sized super-hero wearing his or her cape while they help their parents with the grocery shopping? And San Francisco Batkid. Don’t even get us started on why and how Miles is super.

Dinosaurs at the water's edge 

4Supersaurus. Firstly, dinosaurs in general are terrifically super. Dinosaurs! Giant lizards walking the earth before mankind made its first cave drawings! And the Supersaurus! Among the largest of those largest giant lizards, measuring a super-colossal 33-34 metres or 108 to 112 feet.

Super Saturday! 

5) Super Saturdays. We have a group of friends who celebrate their Super Saturday every summer in July, but let’s be real here, what’s not to love about virtually every Saturday? It’s clearly the superior day of the week. Sleeping in, having time to prepare and sit down to a meal with your nearest and dearest, a day to get in your favourite activities and/or a day to lounge around and catch-up on your rest. However you choose to spend your day off, it’s super.

Young women jumping with bright red umbrella 

6) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Sure, no one knows exactly what this word means, but it’s emblematic of how the addition of “super” just adds a dash of fun and zazz to everything it comes into contact with. Was the party fun, or was it super-fun? Is the movie good, or super-good? See? Zazz. Super-zazz.

The Supernatural: a Yeti in the Wild 

7) The Supernatural.  Again, taking something that’s already pretty good, i.e. nature, and amping it up a bit. A little magic here, some mysticism there, maybe a missing link or two, and you got the Supernatural.

image001 (1) 

8) Superfries Red Skin Chunks.  Ah. Back to where this discussion of the super all began. Mmm… Canadian red skin potatoes (don’t you know that the skin is where most of a potato’s nutrients are?), perfectly baked up into tasty bite-size pieces with sea salt and canola oil to give them that golden crispy shell. They go perfectly beside scrambled eggs at breakfast or roast chicken at dinner, or even on their own as a snack. Sprinkle them with hot sauce, dip them in ketchup or smother them in cheese and gravy, we’re talking some seriously versatile spuds here. Superfries Red Skin Chunks are a potato dish of the highest degree, which makes them super.