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Superfries: A Love Story

Let’s set the scene for a romantic evening: Champagne in a chiller, a cozy fire crackling away, an elegant bouquet of flowers on the table next to a plate of… Superfries?

OK, you got us. We know Superfries aren’t typically associated with love and romance, but hear us out! Think of all the best romantic moments in your life – how many of them looked like something out of a movie and how many of them were just sweet and unexpected and imperfect and real?

Last week we asked you if you’d ever had a romantic moment over a plate of fries. Did you both reach for the last of the McCain Red Skin Wedges and decide to share it, Lady and the Tramp-style? Here’s what you said:

“My husband and I decided to get into shape together, but we love our treats too. So when we decided to sign up for crossfit, the deal was we’d reward ourselves with sweet potato fries when we got home. Sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me through a really tough work out. Well, the fries and my husband’s support of course.” - Siobhan O.

“I’d just started dating this guy and we were at this big music festival. When we got some fries at the chip truck, we discovered that neither of us really cared for the headliner, so we bailed early and just spent the rest of the night talking. It was a great date. “ – Sarah F.

“I’m pregnant and my husband knows that I’ve really been craving savoury stuff. Anytime I’ve seemed frustrated or uncomfortable with my pregnancy, he whips up a plate of fries and asks if there’s anything he can do for me. Yeah, he’s going to be a great dad!” - Eliza M.

So there you have it; Superfries could help you find your true love, or if you’ve already got one of those, they might just help you bond over something. Next time you feel like showing that someone special you care, put on some romantic tunes, dim the lights down low, and share some Red Skin Wedges!

Have you ever shared a special moment over a plate of fries? Let us know!