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Summer in September

Did summer end over the Labour Day weekend? We don’t think so!

We live in a country where three of the four seasons should be renamed Cold, Colder and Wow it’s Cold!  Friends, we’ve got to get the most out of the warm weather! – the kids may be back in school, and the cottage might be closed up for the year, but there are some great ways to keep summer going (past September 21)!

1) Bring summer indoors – weather turning nasty? Take the warmer seasons inside by having a Pizza Pocket picnic on the living room floor.

2) Go for a hike – perhaps you live in an area where over-excitable trees start changing their leaves early, or perhaps you live in an area where the fauna holds out – but a walk in the woods will give you some great time with nature regardless of foliage colours.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 1.19.15 PM
Photo by Julie Nowell

3) Have an outdoor movie screening – bundle up in the backyard and have a screening of a favourite film. You can use a projector and play the movie on a white sheet, or do a more basic version with a laptop. Grab some blankets, lawnchairs and snacks and start the show.

4) Make DIY camp shirts – didn’t make it to camp this summer? Hold your own family camp one weekend, complete with your own homemade tee-shirts. All you need is blank shirts, fabric markers and a bit of creativity.

Photo by Helen Angharad
Photo by Helen Angharad

5) Fall time flowers – there are all sorts of hearty and bright flowers that help us remember summertime blooms. Plant some chrysanthemums, dahlias, camellias or hibiscus – just to name a few.

6) Take in the Stars – crisp September evenings are perfect for reliving a summertime classic – stargazing. Grab a sleeping bag jacket and whatever else you need to feel cozy and try to spot a constellation or two.

Photo by Pat Kight
Photo by Pat Kight

7) Theme parks – a lot of theme parks are open until October or even later. Take a trip and enjoy the rides – plus because it’s off-season there won’t be the dreaded lineups you’d have to face in July and August.

8) Organize a block party weekends in the summer book up so fast, but luckily the pace slows down a little in September. Why not take the opportunity to get to know your neighbours a little better with a block party?

9) Dine al fresco when the weather is permitting, take dinner outdoors! September usually has a few hot days that are perfect for eating on the patio, or enjoy something hot and warming on a day with a chill in the air.

10) Lawn games make the most of the remaining nice weather by playing some lawn games. Try lawn bowling, horseshoes, bocce ball, or make up your own outdoor game.

Photo by Ara Jane Olufson
Photo by Ara Jane Olufson

So how do you keep the spirit of summer going? Let us know in the comments.