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Summer Books and Cream Pie

McCain Blog Author Diane Peters

By: Diane Peters

​Whether writing for The Globe and Mail or​, Diane Peters brings ...

The most delicious books come out this time of year. Light and fluffy at times, but with rich undertones. Reminds us of something. Something we like to eat with a book in hand. Cream pie, anyone?

You can pair wine with food, why not books with pie?

Books transport us to another place, into other lives. A creamy pie takes us away from the flatness of everyday and into some place a lot lighter and sweeter.

How about a Cookies and Cream Pie with some YA fantasy? Pretend like you’re in high school again, having milk and cookies after school — but in adult pie form — while you check out the Game of Thrones-style adventure The Oathbreaker’s Shadow. Canadian author Amy McCullough [] (OK, she calls herself a proud Canadian in London, as she now lives in the U.K.) grew up in Ottawa geeking out on fantasy fiction and she brings this sensibility to her story of a 15-year-old boy named Raim who lives in a world where you tie a knot and wear it on your wrist when you make a promise, and that knot bursts into flames when you break it, scarring your skin and making you an Oathbreaker. Raim ends up breaking a mysterious promise he never knew he made and ends up on the run, trying to clear his name.

 Coconut Cream Pie. Hmmm. Gotta be exotic. A story in warm locales with tastes of the fruits of the world. How about Ian Hamilton’s [tp://] latest mystery featuring Ava Lee, The Two Sisters of Borneo. A family mystery takes Lee from Hong Kong to Borneo to The Netherlands and back again. There’s also a thug from Shanghai. If there’s no enough intrigue and exotic twists here, can’t help you. Well, maybe a slice of creamy pie can…

And when you delve into a true literary treasure like Montreal’s Heather O’Neill, you might want to further feed your senses with a Double Chocolate Cream Pie. In many ways, it’ll contrast beautifully with the harsh streets of Montreal in her latest novel, The Girl Who Was Saturday Night. The story follows the Tremblay twins, who live in poverty on St. Laurent Boulevard and grapple with infamy as the children of a famous but philandering local folk singer. They try to grow up in the media spotlight and find their way. The story is rich and beautifully done, just like the pie.

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