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Beat April Showers With These Rainy Day Activities Back to

Rainy Day Activities: 7 Ways to Beat the Showers

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, don’t let it keep you from enjoying your day. After all, the rain will stop eventually so don’t let it get you down.

Until it does, you might as well make the most of it by finding some fun rainy day activities, and celebrating the joys of staying at home!

Here is our guide to planning a rainy day so fun, you might not even notice the sun has come back out.

Have a Spa Day - Now is the perfect time to grab your face mask, favourite candles and run the bath. You’re all set to have yourself a relaxing spa day, so kick back and relax on this rainy day.

Board Games - Persuade your friends to come over and pull out your favourite board games to pass the time together.

Curl Up With A Book - If you’re more inclined to stay in alone, try catching up on that reading list you’ve been putting off for so long. Cuddle up under the blankets with your favourite book, get lost in another world and adventure to wait out the gloomy weather.

Learn Something New - Try learning something new today, whether you look it up online or you have your friends teach you interesting talents and facts (you’ll have to return the favour, though!) you’ll come out of the day smarter and more skilled.

Get Crafty- Take the opportunity to start a new project or try that craft you haven’t had the time to try today. Dig up that DIY project from Pinterest that you’ve had your eye on and cross another item off your DIY list.

Enjoy a Movie Marathon - If you’re feeling like doing the bare minimum, we won’t hold it against you. Set a theme to make it even easier to enjoy the ultimate movie marathon. A few examples of themes you can try include picking the movies based on your favourite genre, actor, series or director and press play! Simply queue them up on auto-play, set back and enjoy.

Good Food- Of course, you’re going to need to eat at some point and you’ll need to eat a good meal while you let your freshly baked goods cool down. To avoid that rainy trip to the grocery store, you’ll need a meal comprised of ingredients you already have at home. To give you some ideas, here’s a list of delicious and simple recipes. They’re all made up from ingredients you will likely have lying around the house, so you won’t have to venture far to satisfy your cravings.

Try our Superfries® recipe finder for more inspiration of what to eat.