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Dee Brun

Dee is an award Winning Author and Cocktail Deeva. She's also the owner of Ghetto Foodie. She is a TV Personality, Resident Cocktail’ista on Steven & Chris, Blogger at SliceTV, Celebrity Event planner, Food & Drink Stylist, Home Entertaining Maven, writer, humorist, cooker, drinker, wife, mother of 4, TV Junkie, shoe-aholic, boarder line George Clooney stalker..hmm what else...I don’t juggle. I am old enough to remember making “Mixed Tapes” from the radio...My fave vacation spot is anywhere with a beach bar...and when I grow up I want to be Betty White and marry George Clooney...IT COULD HAPPEN!

Deep n' Delicious Blueberry Pie with

The Easy/Sneaky Way To Get the Smell of Freshly Baked Pie in Your Home

If you’ve ever had the chance to catch Dee Brun during one of her Steven & Chris appearances, you’ll...

Young woman on beach with surfboard

Making Time for Grown Up Fun

We all know how to play as children, but as grown-ups? Not so much.You may think playing is just for...

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