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Buzz Bishop

​Broadcaster. Writer. Media Disruptor. Dad of 2. Team Diabetes Champion. Double Guinness World Record Holder. Buzz is a father to Zacharie and Charlie. A 23 year radio veteran, he is currently a midday host on XL103 in Calgary. When he's not playing with his kids, behind a mic or a keyboard, Buzz is likely training for Team Diabetes. He has run Team Diabetes events in Brazil, Iceland, and Easter Island while raising more than $25 000 for the cause.

Man and woman eating pizza

Making Time for Grownup Meals

Once you become a parent, kids rule mealtimes. We cook for them, we clean for them and we cajole the...

Family gathered on a picnic table outdoors

Stress-free Family Dinner…Is There Such a Thing?

Next time you’re setting the table for a family meal, consider this food for thought:Research consis...

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