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McCain Blog Author Adam Dolgin

Adam Dolgin

​​​​Adam is the founder of Fodder 4 With his message of parental equality, Mr. Dolgin champions the involved dad, spreading his message of hope to thousands of mothers and fathers daily on both his Facebook page and website ( Armed with just the simple idea that moms and dads could talk as equals when it comes to parenting, he has quickly created one of the most respected parenting communities on the Internet. A proud Canandian, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Adam shares his life (and the workload) with his working wife, Jessica, and their two small children, affectionately known by their fans as "DD" and the "Lil F'er​

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McCain Blog Author Ali Martell

Ali Martell

​​Writer, mother, wife, lion-tamer, getter-of-drinks. I drink my coffee a little sweet and a little light. I like the smell of clean sheets and the feel of almost everything from anthropologie. I chew minty gum and love history more than the average person should, really. I am an expert in the art of time suckage. I like to quote movies, eat cookie dough, and read. I love Jon Hamm and I miss LOST. I wear confidence glasses and was raised by my television set. I wish I could rid the world of LOLspeak and wearing leggings as pants. I am Canada’s Emma Pillsbury and Annie Edison and my children tell me that I am a DOF (destroyer of fun). I am learning to use my camera better and love my thighs more. I am the new editor-in-chief at YMC, and a helper-with-homework and expert snuggler by night.

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McCain Blog Author Alyson Schafer

Alyson Schafer

​Psychotherapist and best-selling author

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McCain Blog Author Angella Dykstra

Angella Dykstra

​Writer, photographer, and mother of 3

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McCain Blog Author Brad Goodspeed

Brad Goodspeed

​Brad Goodspeed is a home haunter in the GTA

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McCain Blog Author Buzz Bishop

Buzz Bishop

​Broadcaster. Writer. Media Disruptor. Dad of 2. Team Diabetes Champion. Double Guinness World Record Holder. Buzz is a father to Zacharie and Charlie. A 23 year radio veteran, he is currently a midday host on XL103 in Calgary. When he's not playing with his kids, behind a mic or a keyboard, Buzz is likely training for Team Diabetes. He has run Team Diabetes events in Brazil, Iceland, and Easter Island while raising more than $25 000 for the cause.

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McCain Blog Author Dani Goddard

Dani Goddard

​A freelance writer and personal wardrobe stylist, Dani is co-founder and lead editor of Toronto-based fashion and lifestyle blog, Girls of T.O. Working in all facets of marketing including public relations, social media and advertising, Dani has been privileged to work with many brands throughout her career. When she isn’t working away, you can find Dani keeping busy rock climbing, attending her weekly ballet class, working on many DIY projects and spending time with friends and family.

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McCain Blog Author Deanna Tousignant

Deanna Tousignant

​​Deanna is a stay-at-home mom to two girls

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McCain Blog Author Dee Brun

Dee Brun

Dee is an award Winning Author and Cocktail Deeva. She's also the owner of Ghetto Foodie. She is a TV Personality, Resident Cocktail’ista on Steven & Chris, Blogger at SliceTV, Celebrity Event planner, Food & Drink Stylist, Home Entertaining Maven, writer, humorist, cooker, drinker, wife, mother of 4, TV Junkie, shoe-aholic, boarder line George Clooney stalker..hmm what else...I don’t juggle. I am old enough to remember making “Mixed Tapes” from the radio...My fave vacation spot is anywhere with a beach bar...and when I grow up I want to be Betty White and marry George Clooney...IT COULD HAPPEN!

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McCain Blog Author Diane Peters

Diane Peters

​Whether writing for The Globe and Mail or​, Diane Peters brings her natural curiosity and unique point of view to every piece she writes. Diane has also developed web sites, social media strategy and written and edited blogs for a wide range of business clients. On her downtime, Diane loves to spend it with her two kids (Hazel and Leo) and her husband, award winning  musician Thomas Ryder Payne.

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McCain Blog Author Eric Alper

Eric Alper

​​Eric is the Director of Media Relations for eOne. He has handled PR for Bob Geldof, Ringo Starr, Deborah Cox and thousands of others over 20 years. Eric is also known as @ThatEricAlper to the more than 145,000 followers on Twitter, 10,000 fans and friends on Facebook and his website, receives more than 125,000 hits per week. Eric is a regular pop-culture and music contributor to Canada AM, The Strombo Show, TSN Radio, Sirius/XM, CFRB and many others across Canada.

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McCain Blog Author Kim Logan

Kim Logan

​Kim is a Canadian mom to four children

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McCain Blog Author Laura O'Rourke

Laura O'Rourke

​Laura is a Haligonian and mother of two boys. Laura O'Rourke writes from Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is a working Mom to 3 year old Cameron and 1 year old Gavin. Laura spends her time writing, working, and wrangling little boys. She has big dreams of a close-knit family sitting around the dining room table, but will settle for kids who will eat what is placed in front of them, at least for now.

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McCain Blog Author Maggie Mamen

Maggie Mamen

​​Maggie Mamen is an award-winning psychologist.

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McCain Blog Author Mara Shapiro

Mara Shapiro

Mara Shapiro is a social media addict and blogger. She's also a proud Mama and wife. She's proof that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself. A former marketer and customer experience trainer, she is now a Community Mananger and blogger. She shares inappropriate slices of life, books and products she loves at, and is co-editor of BrazenWoman, a fabulous new lifestyle Blogazine specifically for women over 35 (launching in summer 2013). She has been a featured guest on CJAD Radio Montreal, The Late Shift with Gail Vaz-Oxlade, Bonbon break, Blogher, Huffington Post live, SocialNorth, and CTV News Channel, and has been quoted on, Rogers Redboard, in Today’s Parent, and The Toronto Star. Catch up with Mara on Twitter (@ChickyMara & @brazenwoman), Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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McCain Blog Author McCain Foods Canada

McCain Foods Canada

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McCain Blog Author Nadia Carriere

Nadia Carriere

​Mom to three, writer and founder of Child Mode. As a lover of style and fashion, Nadia found her ‘niche’ and love of children’s products while searching for quality items for her children. The internet can be overwhelming at times and although America has some amazing products, Nadia likes to find ‘hidden gems’ in Europe and Australia where the designers have a knack for creating innovations and styles that are covet worthy. When she isn’t covering breaking news, writing or tweeting, Nadia enjoys photography, reading and spending time with her family.

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McCain Blog Author Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown

​Publisher, strategist, mom of two and tech dork. Rebecca is the Founder and Chief Ideas Officer at Bunch Family Inc. Bunch is Canada's expert on creative, trendsetting kids & families. Her team is behind the influential Bunch Family website and event series, the kid philanthropy program Caring Kids, plus we spot trends in the kids & family space for The Grid and the National Post.

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McCain Blog Author Rebecca Keenan

Rebecca Keenan

​Rebecca is a writer and mom of three from Toronto. Rebecca Cuneo Keenan lives in Toronto, Canada with a husband and three kids. She blogs about her family life at Playground Confidential

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McCain Blog Author Ricky Shetty

Ricky Shetty

RIcky Shetty is a passionate dad from Vancouver. Ricky is the happy husband of Anne and proud father of Rianne. He is the published author of "Wisdom from Daddies: What I learned from Interviewing 100 Dads about Fatherhood." Ricky's mission is to change the world - one father at a time. Ricky writes a daily blog giving a father's perspective into parenting on his website at

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McCain Blog Author Samantha Kemp Jackson

Samantha Kemp Jackson

​Writer and married working mom of four, ages 4-28. Sam is the voice behind the popular parenting blog Multiple Mayhem Mamma, she focuses on topics and issues that resonate with her audience of (primarily) moms, from a lighthearted and humorous perspective. She is a parenting expert and mother of four children who range in age from mid-twenties to three (the latter two being identical twin boys).

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McCain Blog Author Shannon Mishuk

Shannon Mishuk

​Mom of 4 and the Pastor's Sassy Wife

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McCain Blog Author Susan Rich

Susan Rich

​Susan Rich is an editor-at-large

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McCain Blog Author Pay Chen

Pay Chen

Pay Chen has been working in television since 1998 when her parents told her not to pursue a career as a doctor/concert pianist and encouraged her to seek a career in the arts because TV saves lives too. Catch her on @newstalk1010 Sun 8-9 pm.

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McCain Blog Author Hot For Food

Hot For Food

​Lauren Toyota and John Diemer are 'hot for food'… as long as it’s vegan! The couple are cooking up love in the kitchen and breaking common misconceptions of what it means to be vegan one drool-worthy dish at a time.

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McCain Blog Author The Edgy Veg

The Edgy Veg

​Candice­, the face of The Edgy Veg, is a gal on a journey to revolutionize the food we define as "vegan". Instead of salads and smoothies, she recreates childhood cravings for an audience with sophisticated palettes and food­-nerd obsessions. Nothing is off­-limits and everything is vegan!

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McCain Blog Author Cheryl Torrenueva

Cheryl Torrenueva

​With years of experience under her belt, designer & TV host Cheryl Torrenueva is known for her vibrant personality and signature style. 'Simply Cher Cher' takes you behind the scenes for a glimpse of Cheryl's everyday life. There you'll find easy design, health and beauty tips to fit your lifestyle.

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McCain Blog Author Karlynn Johnston

Karlynn Johnston

​Karlynn is the creator & author behind one of Canada's most popular food & lifestyle blogs, the award-winning Full-time food blogger, Karlynn also managed to find time to create and publish her first cookbook, Flapper Pie & a Blue Prairie Sky with Appetite by Random House. Her bestselling cookbook can be found on shelves and online at all major retailers, while Karlynn herself can usually be found avoiding anything that has to do with cleaning her kitchen. She is currently working on her second cookbook , due out late 2018/early 2019. Karlynn has partnered with McCain to tell its #FarmtoFork story.

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McCain Blog Author Hubert Cormier

Hubert Cormier

​Hubert Cormier is a registered dietitian and is currently enrolled in a doctoral program at the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods in Quebec City. In 2015, he was presented with the Annual Merit Award in Nutrition— Young Professionals, a prize given by his professional body in recognition of outstanding devotion to the field of nutrition. He has written four successful books on nutrition in French and his new English book entitled Yogurt Every Day will come out in May, 2017! Hubert is also the blogger behind Hubert has partnered with McCain to tell its #FarmtoFork story.

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McCain Blog Author Chris Read

Chris Read

​Chris Read is a husband and a father to two amazing children. He is the voice behind the blog, where he writes about his experiences as a father. In his spare time, he is a flailing rock star and is also prone to break out into fits of dance. Chris is also the co-founder of the Gil Read Memorial Foundation, named in memory of his father, whose goal is to provide funding for children who can’t afford to compete in organized sport. Chris has partnered with McCain to tell its #FarmtoFork story.

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Recipe Ideas

​A fun twist on an old school favorite! This dessert is crawling with gummy worms, cookie crumble, and legendary Deep'n Delicious® chocolate cake, that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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