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OMG What’s for Dinner?

Here at McCain, we’re working hard to help answer the dinner cry for help. Not only do we strive to provide products that will make your meal times tasty and easy, we’re on a journey to transform our recipes with real ingredients, because the only thing that should be in food is, well – food!

In today’s post, we asked Mara Shapiro to share her go-to answers to the never ending question “OMG What’s for Dinner?”

It’s 5:30. I’ve been down the rabbit hole all day and I’ve barely lifted my head from my computer to feed my coffee addiction. The teenagers have come home from school and haven’t been heard from since (I’m not sure what they actually do between 3:30 pm and dinner time.)

WAIT! Dinnertime?

Oh no. I’ve been so busy all day that I forgot about dinner. You don’t not feed teenage boys dinner. They require regular and substantial sustenance. And they want it now.  They’re not waiting for anyone to finish their last blog post (and neither is the husband who rolls in from work at 5:30, takes his nap and wakes up to a grumbling belly.)

There’s no relief for this work-at-home mom when it comes to mealtimes. (No, my husband can’t cook. At all. It’s pathetic.) No matter my deadlines or workload (or how entertaining Twitter is), the show must go on. People need to be fed or they’re just going to snack on junk food. Even if I’m pressed for time, I want to make sure that my family is eating wholesome and balanced meals.

Over the years, this situation has happened to me more times than I can count. Someone is always rushing to or from a part-time job, dance class, hockey practice, lacrosse game, (or in my case, party or meeting). Not every night can feature a completely from scratch creation. It’s just not a practical goal (and I’m all about simplifying my life.)

But there is hope for us 21st century Moms. And I don’t mean ordering in. You can serve up quick and easy meals in a pinch.

Here are a couple of ideas.

Chicken Dinner

  • Cook up a pan of McCain Xtracrispy Straight Cut Fries (my kids love the spicy ones and I like that they’re made with sea salt and canola oil and have exactly zero transfat and cholesterol).  Make lots because they’re great for snacking on later.
  • Grab a rotisserie chicken (or two) from your local grocery store. Cut the chicken up into quarters and place in a baking dish. Slather with your favourite bbq sauce, cover with tinfoil and reheat.
  • Make a quick salad of romaine hearts, red pepper and cucumber. Leverage the power of bottled dressing or keep a jar of your favourite homemade vinaigrette in the fridge. You can also steam some broccoli (that takes three minutes) or even serve up some cut up veggies with dip.

What are your go-to speedy or busy night meals? How do you keep your people fed?