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Mother’s Day Traditions

This time of year, families across the country are asking that all-important question: What do Moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day?

A quick survey of women here at the McCain office revealed that fresh-cut flowers, a good book, and a hand-made card are all desirable gifts. Maybe a spa treatment, if someone’s really looking to splurge. Or a week without laundry would be really nice too.

By far, the most popular Mother’s Day gift involves a special meal. In fact, restaurant reservations can be quite hard to come by (so all you Dads out there, get on that, STAT!).

We asked some of our favourite bloggers and a McCain mom to share their families’ Mother’s Day traditions, particularly those involving a hearty repast:

Rebecca Cuneo Keenan of Playground Confidential

The only Mother’s Day tradition I have is breakfast in bed.

On the one hand, you’re likely to find me on social media complaining about this. Why don’t they let me sleep in a little bit more? Why do all of the children have to be on the bed with me? How do you keep from spilling all over the covers and, ohmigod, wouldn’t a coffee and newspaper just be so much easier?

But none of that really matters because my kids get so incredibly excited about it. That they are so eager to do something that feels like a lot of work and responsibility to them just for me is really and truly touching. Dad helps them and it’s usually just some cereal or toast with a coffee and always a flower and the cards they made at school.

It’s sweet, infuriatingly sweet.

Karen Green of The Kids Are Alright

I like to spend Mother’s Day with my whole family – my kids, my mom, my mother-in-law, etc. We all go out for brunch together, then sit on whoever’s back patio is the sunniest and enjoy the day, drink in hand.

JoAnne DeVisser of McCain Foods Canada

My favourite part of Mother’s Day is the little crafty gifts the kids make at school or day care. Now my daughter is older I’m not sure what I will get, but I encourage my husband to get them to make something not buy it. Mother’s Day is about showing your mom that you love her – or at least still like her a bit. That’s all I really want.

Oh yeah, if you want to take me out to dinner that works too!

Rebecca Brown of Bunch Family 

When I was little, me and my sibs made my Mom breakfast in bed. I’m sure it was terrible. But my mom pretended it was delish. Now that I’m a mom, my husband and kids bring me coffee and breakfast in bed. We go out for brunch with my mom-in-law, followed by a barbecue with my own mom, and aunts, and bubby, and cousins. My mother-in-law always gets me a sweet, small gift on Mother’s Day, which I love and will do for my daughter or daughter in-law someday. It’s a thank-you for providing her with two pretty stellar grandkids. This year I’m going out for dinner and drinks with girlfriends on the Saturday night before Mother’s Day. I’ve noticed more and more of these moms-getting-together-without husbands-or-kids Mother’s Day celebrations cropping up. Maybe it’s the new trend?

Mara Shapiro of Momfaze

Unfortunately, I’m the only one in the house who can cook. But, on Mother’s Day, I flat out refuse. I don’t care what they feed me, or where the food comes from, as long as I didn’t make it or clean it up. Usually, all the men in the family, from Grandpa to the brothers-in-laws, all band together to put together a meal (that only a mother could love.) Who cares what we’re eating, as long as we’re together.

Candice Derickx of Life In Pleasantville​​

What I want is everyone in this early bird house, including four legged beasts, to tiptoe out of the house without a peep and let me sleep. That won’t happen though because the husband can’t help but whistle he’s so flippin’ chipper at 6am, the dogs will lick my face until I wake up, my oldest will start belting out Rihanna songs and my youngest will be doing cartwheels down the hall. And even if they could miraculously make it out of the house without waking me, my internal clock wouldn’t let me sleep past 6 anyway. So, I want sleep but will get typical daily chaos instead and I’ll love it. Happy Mother’s Day!

This post is dedicated to the hard-working mothers of McCain! Oh heck, it’s for all the mothers out there. We hope you get your heart’s desire this Mother’s Day, whether it’s a box of chocolate, a night out with friends or the chance to sleep in! Respect.