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Memorable Meals with Dad

With Father’s Day around the corner, we decided to ask some of our favourite parenting bloggers to tell us about their most memorable meals with their fathers. Some of our best memories of our dads revolve around mealtime, and we think good food and good company brings the best out in everyone. Here’s hoping your Father’s Day weekend is full of laughter, love and tasty meals!

Maria Lianos-Carbone – amotherworld

“One of the most special meals I’ve shared with my dad was in his village in the western mainland of Greece. The kitchen was the hub of his parents’ tiny one-bedroom home where my grandparents raised chickens and grew tobacco for a living. I can smell the fresh goat milk and eggs from the farm and tomatoes, freshly picked from the garden. We’d sit outside on the terrace and enjoy the “pikilia” (appetizers), of course with a fresh loaf of bread. It was amazing to sit there with him and enjoy this Greek feast exactly where he was raised, truly in another era.”

Chris Shulgan – writer, Superdad 

“My dad’s actually a really good cook. Last year my kids and my girlfriend and I were visiting my parents’ place outside of Windsor. It was a summer evening and my mom and dad had just been swimming in the pool with the kids. Everyone was the kind of voracious that happens after hours in the water. Inside of 20 minutes, my dad mixed up this masterpiece of a meal. It combined mascarpone cheese with sausage to create a savoury sauce that tastes great over linguine. We ate out on their patio surrounded by flowers, feathered by a nice breeze, and the setting and the meal and the company triggered one of those moments of perfect contentment. Since then I’ve made the meal many times, not only because it was delicious, but because of the perfect memory of that first eating.” 

Chris Read – Canadian Dad

“Just before my father passed away, I remember visiting him in the hospital while I was on lunch at work. He had just been delivered his predictably horrible hospital lunch and offered to share some of it with me. We sat and talked for about a half hour while enjoying the worst meal we’ve ever had together. It was also one of our last together and I will never forget it.”

Mike Reynolds – Puzzling Posts

“I estimate I’ve had more than 7,187 sit-down meals with my dad. Many of these have been spaghetti, fish sticks or my dad’s go-to meal: hot dogs. That is to say, many meals enter and leave my memory as quickly as a family with four men can eat them.

But there are memorable ones too, and the ones I like to think about the most are the ones we’ve shared over the three Father’s Days we’ve celebrated since we’ve both been dads.

We sit and watch my little kids crawl or run around the backyard pretending to be pirates or princesses or professional ball players. We chat about anything, then eat our hamburgers quietly. Then we chat a little more, take a sip of beer, pick up a child who has fallen out of her pirate ship, been locked out of her castle or struck out in the ninth inning of the World Series and then we finish our steak.

Finishing our hamburgers or steak isn’t the end of the meal though, not by a long shot. It’s summer and it’s Father’s Day so we add some cake and ice cream to the pile of delicious food that sits in our bellies. We bask in the glory of a day where neither of us has to mow a lawn and we admire the homemade crafts we’ve been given as gifts.

Then, for good measure, we eat another hamburger or another steak and maybe sneak a last piece of cake before the kids tire of running and get ready for bed. After a while, it’s just my dad and I on a deck in my backyard with beer in our hands and great food in our stomachs.

Those are the memorable meals.”

Have you had a memorable meal with your dad? Tell us about it!