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March Break Snacks and Activities

In today’s article, blogger Gina Bell, aka East Coast Mommy, shares real life tips on keeping kids happy, busy and fed during March Break, without going crazy yourself.  We’re thrilled that her approach includes some of our tasty products.

March break can be a lot of fun, but it also poses a challenge for us parents — how do we keep the kids entertained for a week with no school?  Don’t worry… I’m here to help with a March break guide that will ensure a great week full of fun memories.  All you need is a plan, a little creativity, and some meal and snack time help from McCain.

Day 1 (Monday) - Play Pirates – What’s more fun than playing pirates?  Turn an old box into a pirate ship, grab some pirate clothes, and make swords and eye patches out of old pizza boxes.  Then, embark on old fashioned pirate adventure, including going on a treasure hunt, making a pirate craft, and reading some great pirate books.  And, when the pirates get tired, a McCain Deep ‘n Delicious cake with some gold coins on top would make a terrific pirate treat.  We’ve also got some terrific ideas for hosting your very own scavenger hunt at home!

Day 2 (Tuesday) - Host a Half Sleepover – Spending time with friends is always fun, and a “half sleepover” (where parents pick up kids just before bedtime) is a great way to spend an afternoon.  Invite guests to come in their PJs and bring their pillows and sleeping bags.  Then, pop some popcorn and put a movie in the DVD player.  And, when the movie is over, breakfast for dinner (with pancakes, syrup, and McCain Diced Vegetable Hashbrowns) is a fun way to keep the sleepover theme going.

Photo by Gina Bell
Photo by Gina Bell

Day 3 (Wednesday) - Create a Play Café – Have the kids create their own Play Café by crafting some chef hats, menus, and placements.  Then, add to the fun by allowing them to add their own toppings to some McCain Deep ‘n Delicious Minis

Photo by Gina Bell
Photo by Gina Bell

Day 4 (Thursday) - Play Board Games – A simple day playing board games is always enjoyable.  Just don’t forget to have a variety of easy to prepare snacks on hand like McCain Pizza Pockets are great options.

spy day_scavenger_hunt (1) (1) 

Day 5 (Friday) - Have a Spy Day – Pretending to be spies couldn’t be more fun.  Your little ones will have a great time spending the day conducting surveillance, wearing disguises, making laser mazes in doorways using yarn, and going on secret missions.  And, because spy day marks the end of a busy week, you deserve a break.  Pop a McCain pizza into the oven, and give yourself a little pat on the back.  You made it!

What’s your March break plan?