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Hosting a Perfectly Easy Book Club

McCain Blog Author Dani Goddard

By: Dani Goddard

​A freelance writer and personal wardrobe stylist, Dani is co-founder and lead e...

Girls of T.O. co-founder Dani Goddard keeps up with all the hip, cool things that a fashion-forward young woman in the city might be into, so when she told us she loved Deep ‘n Delicious pie for book club meetings, we felt like we’d been invited to eat lunch with the cool kids! 


Doesn’t it feel like 24 hours isn’t enough sometimes? From our careers to our personal lives, it seems like we rarely have that extra time to do the things we love. Whether it be catching up on our favourite TV show, hanging out with friends and family, or for me, reading a good book. This is why I made it a point to start a book club with some fellow book lovers like myself. I’ve discovered that book clubs are a great excuse to get together with friends because it kills two birds with one stone; we get to spend the time with each other while also discussing great literature (and maybe some gossip as well).

When planning my first book club meeting, I wanted to not only make sure that I had the ideal book to discuss, but I wanted the right food to accompany the gathering. When I had my list of RSVP’s and I began preparing for the festivities, I knew there was one item I couldn’t forget. Pie! I try and steer away from the traditional appetizers and hors d’oeuvres at more intimate gatherings, so when I think about sitting around with my single lady friends sipping on champagne, and tea for some, a McCain fruit pie is the ideal tasty treat to share.

The best part? When I had my guests arrive, they instantly commented on the smell of freshly baked pies that were warming in the oven.

Without a doubt, McCain fruit pies were the first thing I picked up at the grocery store that day. Luckily for me, McCain products help make putting together a great evening with girlfriends super easy without taking time out of my busy life. This allowed me to sit down and enjoy the evening in with my gal pals. I picked up an apple pie as well as a strawberry rhubarb pie, which was specifically requested by a girlfriend. Packed with real fruit ingredients, it was a great addition to the get together because we got to enjoy a tasty and delicious treat, without feeling like we were cheating our health regime.


The best part? When I had my guests arrive, they instantly commented on the smell of freshly baked pies that were warming in the oven. There is something about the aroma of a McCain dessert pie in the oven that can make guests feel like they can put their feet, relax and just… be! Even better than that was the fact that I wasn’t stuck in my kitchen preparing food. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’m happy to say that since my first book club meeting, I’ve been asked to host the next two, which I’m more than happy to do. My guests mentioned that it was because I was such a great host, but personally, I think it was just the pie!