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Get Creative with McCain

​Imagine the possibilities when 13 culinary college students spend six weeks trying and testing ideas using an assortment of McCain’s Canadian retail products to create new recipes!​

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Well, it all happened in the kitchen at NBCC (New Brunswick Community College) in the quaint ocean-side village of St. Andrew’s, where McCain and the College partnered together to launch a recipe challenge for the culinary class.

This collaboration allowed us to introduce a range of our top Canadian retail products to these bright, young minds, encouraging them to put their classroom learnings into action and push themselves to think outside of the box, by using the products and turning them into delicious, visually-pleasing and unique dishes that can easily be made at home.​

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In March this year, each student was given a chance to present their final creations, explain the inspiration behind them, the recipe, ingredients used and the preparation required.  In total, twenty-two amazingly creative dishes using a range of McCain Breakfast Potato Specialties, French Fries, Deep’n Delicious Chocolate and Vanilla cake and Wong Wing products were presented and, best of all, tasted by McCain R&D staff and NBCC representatives. 


The results were delightful, scrumptious and surprising.  A few standouts included East Coast Potato Donair Nachos, Grilled Pineapple Pork Tacos, Deconstructed Glazed Cake, Deep’n Delicious Trifle, Philly Cheese Steak Bites, Sweet & Sour Vietnamese Banh Mi, and Loaded Potato Frittatas.

Scott Messervey, Manager, R&D, gave closing comments on behalf of McCain to the students.  “You have exceeded our expectations with your culinary creations today,” he said, “and I hope you are all feeling very proud of the results of your hard work, because we certainly are.”


Chef Darren, one of the culinary class instructors at NBCC stated that “this newly-formed partnership has presented our students with an outstanding opportunity to apply their problem-solving skills, along with their ability to be creative.”

Department Head Mitchell Haskins agreed.  “We are grateful for the generous support of industry partners like McCain that help our faculty advance practical, authentic learning experiences which assist in the development of students who are passionate about their craft.”

Watch out for these recipes soon to be added on our website!​

A big thanks to all the aspiring chefs who participated in Get Creative:

  • Emma Blair
  • Holly Carter
  • Savannah Cline
  • Carolyn A Comeau
  • Kyra Ettinger
  • Ulrike Gardiner
  • Walter Laviolette
  • Jessica Lawson
  • Yeonho Lee
  • John Oley
  • Shane Parkinson
  • Jade Pollock
  • Alysha Saulnier