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Game Day Printable Bingo Cards

It's game day and all bets are off! Bring the competition home with these printable bingo cards. What does the winner get? An extra serving of wedges, of course! 

Wondering how to play? Just watch the game and the commercials to cross off whichever icons you see. Whoever gets five boxes in a row, horizontal, diagonal or vertical first wins. Make it more exciting by trying to get the entire outside box or an X for a double win! You can even add in some prizes of your own, like the best spot on the couch for the rest of the game, or making your friends do a victory dance! 

Make winning even better by trying out our Spicy Buffalo Wedges recipe. Add some carrots and celery on the side for a little crunch. Get the recipe here.

Gather around the couch and keep your eyes on the prize… before they're all gone! What fun do you have planned for game day?

Download the Bingo Cards here.