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Family Dinner with Tori Spelling

Everyone at McCain is pretty excited to be working with Tori Spelling on the launch of our new Deep ’n Delicious cakes, which are now made with better ingredients and come in more varieties! Tori has supported us throughout our journey to make food that is made with ingredients you’d find in your own kitchen. As a mother of four and as the author of celebraTORI, she knows a thing or two about celebrating family milestones and about cake! Last week, we got to spend time with Tori at a fun, Deep ‘n Delicious cake-eating party. She told us what family dinner is like in the home she shares with her husband, Dean McDermott, and their four kids, aged 7 months to 7 years.

AGB: Welcome to McCain, Tori! And Happy Birthday. You’ve just celebrated a milestone!

Tori: Yes! A friend of mine said “You’re on the fourth floor now.

AGB: Ha! Well 40 looks great on you. And you’ve got four kids! How do you do it? 

TS: We call our house “happy chaos” because it is chaotic. With four you’re bound to have someone unhappy at some point, but you just kind of…we’re family, we do it together. I remind them of that all the time when they start fighting. I just remind them that we’re a team, a little built in rock band, so you just gotta deal with it

At our house, we cap our day by sitting as a family and talking about what we want to celebrate each day.  For busy moms, I recommend celebrating your everyday special occasions with McCain Deep ‘n Delicious cakes for an easy, no fuss, winning dessert.

AGB: Here at McCain we care a lot about family dinner and making it low-stress and high-fun for kids and parents. How do you keep your family meals as low stress as possible? Is that even possible? 

TS: We definitely have different eaters, and that’s been a challenge to manage. A fun challenge! Because my husband and I love to cook – he’s a trained chef.  And Dean has his blog, The Gourmet Dad. We have a garden and grow our own vegetables, we have chickens, we have our own eggs… And we found out a while ago that making the kids a part of the process helps.

So we say, “what do you want to eat tonight?” and they help us with the vegetables and stuff. We tell them, “here’s the protein we’re having” and Dean actually transitions this very well, with taking something and making the adult version. For example, if we’re having salmon, he’ll make salmon fish sticks for the kids, or if we’re having garlic roasted rosemary potatoes, he’ll make a mash version for them. Then he’ll take blue food colouring and make waves in the mash for the surfboard salmon sticks. We’re both very into presentation and making it family-friendly. It’s a loud dinner but it’s a really fun dinner. I can’t stand the quiet because it’s not what I’m used to. I’m used to just kids all the time!

Once we sit down we have discussions, we’ll ask them questions…  we really want them to know that the meal is something that’s so important, and sitting down and having every part of the meal. Starting with salad or soup and going through dessert, it’s very important to us.

AGB: So to summarize, happy chaos is a-okay, keeping backyard chickens and growing your own fruits and veg is fun and stakes kids in to making meal times work, and mashed potatoes taste better with blue food colouring waves and salmon stick surf boards! Amazing! Thanks so much for chatting with us Miss T!

To celebrate the Deep ‘n Delicious recipe overhaul, McCain and Tori are giving away 10 copies of celebraTORI, Tori’s new book about everyday celebrations, paired with ten coupons for the new Deep ‘n Delicious cake (you’ve gotta try it)!

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