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How do you French Fry – Canadians French fry favourites revealed

​National French Fry Day is July 13th, and if you’re celebrating, there’s a strong chance you’re celebrating with a McCain fry. Why? Because one out of every three French fries in the world is a McCain French fry. And we think it’s telling that one out of three French fries comes from a Canadian company. Celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday has Canadians thinking about Canadian things: hockey, the great outdoors, diversity, and much more. But maybe we should add one more item to that list—a love of French fries.

So, how much do Canadians love French fries? How do they like to eat them? We asked these questions and more in our new The Fries That Bind report. We asked 1,200 Canadians about their love for French fries, and we saw a country that absolutely loves this all-Canadian dish. Here’s a snapshot of what we learned.​

1. ​​Canadians <3 fries

… in fact, one-third of Canadians admit that they are obsessed with French fries! So, where does the love come from? Two words: comfort food. Sixty per cent of Canadians agree that eating French fries makes them happy.


2. Sharing is caring

And women are just better at sharing. When it comes to offering their French fries to others, Canadian women outperform men. Sixty-three per cent of women are willing to share their fries versus 49 per cent of men. So, here’s good advice: next time you’re at a family dinner, turn to Mom’s plate instead of Dad’s when you want to pinch one.​

3. The world’s French fry capital isn’t in France. It’s right here.

We asked Canadians where they think the unofficial French fry capital of the world is. Eleven per cent said Paris – they are French fries, after all. That isn’t correct though. Wrong kind of French. Thirty-three per cent said Montreal. Now that’s a lot closer… but still not quite right. We understand that answer too though. After all, Montreal is the capital of poutine. The correct answer is Florenceville, New Brunswick – the birthplace of McCain.


FrenchFry_article_images_3.jpg ​​
4.Canadians answer the great debate: French fries or poutine?

There may be no more Canadian question than this one. And the answer is… French fries! Fifty-two per cent of Canadians prefer French fries while 48 per cent prefer poutine. But tastes are evolving. A firm majority of Canadians under 35, 65 per cent of them, pick poutine over French fries. French fries on their own may not be the favourite for much longer, so it might be time to explore the world of poutine! ​​Check out our Maple Bacon Poutine here for inspiration.​


5. The “idea” of poutine

Some think of poutine as a pan-Canadian dish, and others think of it more specifically as a Quebec dish. Beyond that, there are different ideas about what poutine is. Many Canadians think of poutine not as a dish, but as French fries with cheese curds and gravy. In Quebec poutine is considered a dish on its own merits. Who knew poutine was a reflection of the incredible diversity found across Canada? We may have different ideas of it, but we are all united by how much we love poutine!​

​Our The Fries That Bind survey is filled with fascinating insights into the French fry and the Canadian mind. Want to read more? Then check out our full report by clicking below.