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Eating Sticky Rice at the McCain Plant in Portage-La-Prairie

Portage-La-Prairie, Manitoba is the sunniest place. According to Environment Canada, it has the most sunny days during the warm months in all of Canada. Portage-la-Prairie is also home to McCain’s potato processing plant, and based on this story shared with us by Barb Sharp, it seems as though the people are just as sunny as the town.

“A few of us were sitting around the coffee table in the cafeteria, talking to our colleague and friend, Teresa Sophasath, about her husband’s nationality and the different cuisine from his home country, Laos.  We jokingly told her to bring in some sticky rice for us try.”

Food at McCain 


“Well, she took us up on it!  The very next day she got up extra early to make eight of us a wonderful meal before coming to work for her 7:00 am shift.  The lunch consisted of sticky rice, beef with lime leaves, two different kinds of hot sauce and fresh vegetables to take the edge off the hot sauce for us Westerners!

It was tasty, interesting and delicious, and everyone really enjoyed it.

Thank you for the great meal and your thoughtfulness, Teresa.”