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Deep ‘n Delicious Half Birthdays

McCain Blog Author Rebecca Brown

By: Rebecca Brown

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Real life parents sometimes give in to their kids’ requests for an extra story, or 5 more minutes of TV, or a half-birthday cake. Recently, we revamped our classic Deep ‘n Delicious recipe, and replaced any weird sounding ingredients with real and simple ingredients like you’d use in your own kitchen. So hopefully, giving in will be just a little bit easier! We hope you enjoy our cake and this story from blogger Rebecca Brown!

If you are the person who told my kid that other kids have half-birthday parties, we are no longer friends. With birthdays and Chanukah and Valentine’s Day and Wacky Hair Day, and Toy From Home Day, and World Teacher’s Day, and Friendship Day and Barbershop Quartet Day (which is actually a thing), I am not looking to add to the list of occasions that require me to organize, make, or buy stuff.

However, I totally get that for a kid, birthdays are basically the most magical and important day of the year. My kid starts reminding us that her half birthday is coming up the day after her actual birthday, and she continues to remind us pretty much every week until her half birthday rolls around 6 months later. So, unlike piano lessons or Rainbow Looming or cleaning her room, she really, really perseveres with the whole half-birthday thing. Out of admiration for her steely resolve, I do entertain the half birthday thing, within reason.

Decorating Cake 

For me, within reason means a small toy (like a book or something cheap and cheerful from the Dollar Store, or maybe even something that she got for her actual birthday that I hid away at the back of my closet). Within reason doesn’t mean baking an elaborate half birthday cake or buying an expensive cake from the bakery. Within reason means buying a vanilla Deep ’n Delicious cake, which tastes like it did when I was kid but is actually made with better ingredients like ground flaxseed and real milk chocolate. Inviting two of her buddies over to fancy this cake up with some icing scribblers while I read the newspaper and drink coffee is something I’m happy to do. I’m okay with singing “happy half-birthday”. If there are balloons in the house, I’ll blow one or two up.

Deep 'n Delicious 

So here’s the deal, some kids have half-birthday parties, but it doesn’t have to be tons of work and truth is, I think it’s pretty sweet.