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When the School Bell Rings (and Stomachs Start to Growl…) Back to

When the School Bell Rings (and Stomachs Start to Growl…)

Here’s a familiar scene that just about every Canadian family can relate to:

When that school bell rings at the end of the day, you can bet that your kids are coming home hungry after hours of learning and exercise with one question on their minds: where are the McCain Pizza Pockets, mom?!

When it comes to an after-school snack that hits the spot, it’s no surprise that Canadian kids crave the taste of Pizza Pockets—full of delicious cheese or pepperoni, they are a national classic through and through.

But moms tell us they love ‘em for a different reason: Pizza Pockets are made with no artificial colours or flavours, and they’re baked not fried. For that hungry, snack-tastic time after school when stomachs are growling and dinner’s still a ways away, moms can depend on the quality ingredients from McCain. After all, Pizza Pockets are a Canadian favourite because they come just the way kids—and kids at heart—love them.

The school year brings with it many things, but moms know that when class gets out at 3:30 in the afternoon, kids across the country are going to be craving Pizza Pockets. Now if only everything was as easy as having kids enjoy Pizza Pockets—perhaps like studying for the big test or cleaning their room!