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5 Shareable Appetizer Recipes Your Guests Won’t Forget Back to

5 Shareable Appetizer Recipes Your Guests Won’t Forget

​There's a lot to love about hosting. Who doesn't take pride in organizing a memorable get-together with friends and family, where everyone leaves with a smile on their face?

But this payoff takes hard work - especially the food preparation. Finding tasty, original recipes that can scale to any last minute changes in numbers can be a challenge – and that's before you've even started cooking.

Shareable appetizers can be a real lifesaver for any party planner. Here are five appetizers that are so delicious and unique your guests will be talking about them long after they leave.

Dutch Fries


Bright-coloured tulips, wooden clogs, picturesque windmills. Ask your guests what they associate with the Netherlands and they will probably list at least one of these. Get ready to add 'Superfries® in a delicious peanut sauce' to that list. 

Friet met satésaus , as they are known, are a late night street food staple. These fries are easily adapted to be an appetizer. Once you've served them up you'll know what the fuss is about.

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Greek Fries


Try making this Greek Fries recipe as the perfect tapas-style appetizer for sharing tonight. Mouth watering McCain Superfries®, Greek seasoning, Feta and parsley – the perfect combination that will make all of you guests' mouths water in anticipation. Why bother serving it up individually? Put the bowl on the table, have everyone grab their forks and dig into this delicious snack!

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Parmesan Cheese Fries


Parmesan cheese Superfries® with chives, what more could you want? These lightly tossed Superfries® will be hard for anyone to share! Be sure to make enough so everyone will have plenty – we don't want your guests to fight over this tantalising appetizer. They're simple enough to make but will leave a lasting impression on anyone sharing this savoury snack.

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Black Pepper Fries with Lime Recipe


Are you looking for the perfect light appetizer to serve at your next get-together? The Black Pepper Fries with Lime are sure to be a crowd-pleaser and liven up the evening. It's a quick and easy appetizer recipe to make, plus it's perfect for sharing with friends! These fries are light and tasty, so no one will feel guilty for indulging in seconds (or thirds)!

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Maple Bacon Poutine


We've saved the best Superfries® appetizer for last. Chef Carlene Rowland at Wayne Gretzky's restaurant has combined maple, bacon, bourbon and McCain Superfries® to create this mouth-watering Maple Bacon Poutine recipe. To answer your questions – yes, it does taste as good as it sounds! Serve some up to start your next get-together off on a high note.

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Still trying to find the perfect party idea and the best mouth-watering appetizer recipes to serve to your guests? Get inspired with these delectable Superfries® recipes for any occasion.