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A Love Letter to Pizza Pockets Lovers

Oh, hey there.

It's me.

I just wanted to let you know that your childhood memories are safe.

I've seen the tweets. I know you're confused, even a little sad.

You think I've moved on. Found another freezer to hang out in.

But you know what, my friend? I haven't gone anywhere. I've just done some growing, trying a new look.

In fact, all of this online hullabaloo kind of ruined the surprise. I may have changed my look but I'll never forget my friends.

That's right—the Pizza Pocket you thought you knew is still the same recipe and I've even made some new flavour combo friends along the way.  You'll meet them soon, Harvest Pockets and Protein Pop'ables.

I'm no longer just a plain McCain Pizza Pocket, I'm a McCain Marché Pizza Pocket.

If you can forgive the confusion this may have caused, and you're ready to take me back, I'd like to stay friends.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Your friend,

McCain Marché Pizza Pocket