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Passion & Potatoes: 60 Years of Partnership with Canadian Farmers Back to

Passion & Potatoes: 60 Years of Partnership with Canadian Farmers

Since 1957, McCain has united potato lovers for a grand purpose – the quest to master the best-quality potatoes. It’s a quest that has included a decades-long partnership with Canadian potato farmers, who share our passion for the craft of potatoes. Because of them, McCain has been bringing smiles to Canadian tables for 60 years.


For McCain’s Canadian founders, the potato business came as naturally as our potatoes. Harrison McCain once said, “Our father was a potato dealer and a farmer. Our grandfather was a farmer. Our great-grandfather was a farmer.” Love for growing potatoes is the heart of the McCain family. It’s the same passion we share with our farmers. We use millions of potatoes every year, grown with incomparable care by a host of passionate potato farmers.


Farmers are the foundation of this farm-to-fork story – they have been the best partners anyone could ask for. Top-tier potatoes require good seed, good soil, good climate, and good agricultural practices, all coming together and making mouth-watering McCain potato products. For generations, Canadian potato farmers have been honing their craft of potato growing. For many this craftsmanship has passed down, with young farmers apprenticing under the generation before. In fact, McCain’s longest-serving farm family in New Brunswick has been farming for three generations!


Today McCain in Canada works with 150 families in three provinces, who together farm approximately 80,000 acres. It’s about getting potatoes just right, potatoes our farmers are proud of and are used in McCain potato products that our customers will love. For 60 years, we’ve been in the business of making delicious products from simple, natural potatoes, and our partners are the farmers who love potatoes as much as we do. We can’t wait to see what our partnership creates next.