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10 Ways to Enjoy Goofing Around

Folks are generally pretty busy, and that means that our daily schedules might not include enough (or any) time to just hang out and take it easy. But guys, it’s important to take time to unwind and enjoy life! To help you get your heads in the clouds, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to enjoy the fine art of goofing off with family or friends: 

1) Get bubble crazy. Who doesn’t love bubbles? Grab unexpected household objects that have holes in them, like a potato masher, tennis racket, fly swatter, or colander.  Whip up some bubble mix (½ cup dish soap, 2 cups water and 2 teaspoons of water) and get blowing.

Photo by Tynan Studio
Photo by Tynan Studio


2) Colour outside the lines. Make your own colouring pages and give them to friends. Have them do the same and trade. Or draw a shape and have a friend (or your kid) turn it into a monster.

3) Play dress up with the things in the back of your closet. Crack each other up by making silly outfits out of odds and ends found around the house or in the dress up bin. Then take pictures!

4) Play an epic round of hopscotch. Get some sidewalk chalk and see just how long and how creative you can get with a hopscotch game. Bonus points for giant leaps, snakes and ladders, or other tricks you can come up with.

Photo by Tynan Studio
Photo by Tynan Studio

5) Take a nature walk and explore the great outdoors. See flowers, trees or animals you don’t recognize? No worries. What you don’t know you can make up, ‘cause creating new names for flora and fauna is silly fun. Why not name a butterfly after yourself?

6) Play some tunes. Find things around the house that can be turned into instruments, like pots and pans, plastic cups or empty tissue boxes with elastics around it. Have a backyard jam with some classic songs, or better yet, write some silly ones of your own.

Photo by Tynan Studio
Photo by Tynan Studio

7) Explore your neighbourhood (or check out a new one).  Keep an eye out for things like the best shady bench, nicest spot for cloud watching, best ice cream shop or prettiest gardens.

8) Go hunting for fireflies in the early evening. Don’t stress if you’re left with an empty jar at the end — there’s no need to actually capture any, chasing after them can be just as fun.

9) Have a messy picnic. Get your favourite treat, like a Deep ‘n Delicious cake, take a hike or find a park and dig in with your hands. Don’t stress about the mess, it’s nothing a damp cloth can’t fix.

10) Test your skill at shadow puppets and act out a favourite story or come up with your own. Try old-fashioned hand shadow puppets, or use cutouts.





Are you a goofing off fan? Let us know your favourite way to chill out!