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10 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Tired of giving dad a tie or a three-pack of golf balls? Us too! Change things up this Father’s Day with some of these unique gift ideas. They’re guaranteed to produce a smile from dear old dad, and they might even make mom jealous:

1. A tree – Do the earth a favour and give nature-loving dads a tree to plant in the yard. Fruit trees are especially nice (it’s a gift that keeps on giving!), and you can also supplement with some ace gardening gear. After he’s worked hard planting his gift, reward him with a slice of McCain® Deep ‘n Delicious® Cake – he’s earned it!

2. Concert tickets – Maybe dad doesn’t get out to see live music too often. With summer approaching, you can be sure one of his favourite bands is on tour. Or maybe he likes jazz, blues or world music? There’s bound to be a local music festival that’s up his alley.

3. Mixology classes – Everyone wants to continue expanding their skill set, so sign your man up for a mixology course (molecular mixology is particularly hot right now). He can show off his new skills at your next BBQ.

4. Chef’s knives – Speaking of BBQs, men who love to cook will appreciate a new set of chef’s knives. And if he’s looking for culinary inspiration and he happens to also be a sci-fi fan, this Star Wars cookbook should give him plenty of dish ideas.

5. A Whole TV Show on DVD – Our guys frequently complain about having “300 channels and nothing’s on.” Solve the problem by setting him up with a whole TV series on DVD. Some great choices: The Wire, Lost, Firefly, Breaking Bad, Sherlock (the British series), Battlestar Galactica, Arrested Development.

6. Gourmet Gift of the Month Club – Okay, at first this might seem a little cheesy, but really, what guy wouldn’t like to receive a selection of his favourite pasta, beverages, BBQ sauce, jerky or even olive oil from around the world each month, delivered right to his door?

7. Vinyl – Forget the CDs or iTunes gift cards, get your music-lover guy some records! It’s a trend that’s growing with young music fans, plus it will encourage him to dig out his old turntable and his favourite albums.

8. Super Cool headphones – If the dad in your life is feeling a little, well, old these days, give him a shot of youthful vigour with some super-trendy headphones. His favourite tunes will sound divine, and he’ll look like a true playa!

9. A Game Set – The childhood joy of playing a board game frequently gets lost when we get busy with work, kids, houses, life. Pick up a classic game set for the dad in your life. Our picks: Backgammon, poker, chess, Scrabble, Settlers of Catan. (And don’t forget the snacks! McCain® Pizza Pockets® will keep his tummy from rumbling while he’s planning his next move.)

10. Summer reading – Perhaps the dad in your life enjoys nothing more than lying in a hammock with a book in his paws. We can relate! Pick up a few new reading selections for him, perhaps a graphic novel (for the comic-loving dad). If you’re stumped, try 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.