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Ali Martell

​​Writer, mother, wife, lion-tamer, getter-of-drinks. I drink my coffee a little sweet and a little light. I like the smell of clean sheets and the feel of almost everything from anthropologie. I chew minty gum and love history more than the average person should, really. I am an expert in the art of time suckage. I like to quote movies, eat cookie dough, and read. I love Jon Hamm and I miss LOST. I wear confidence glasses and was raised by my television set. I wish I could rid the world of LOLspeak and wearing leggings as pants. I am Canada’s Emma Pillsbury and Annie Edison and my children tell me that I am a DOF (destroyer of fun). I am learning to use my camera better and love my thighs more. I am the new editor-in-chief at YMC, and a helper-with-homework and expert snuggler by night.

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